Le Yokan Lodge

This is a family story. A family with a passion for travel and a refined sense of space. A family for whom hospitality is a treasure.

It’s the story of a passion for a country, Senegal. For its white sand beaches and mangrove forests. For its ancestral customs and local know-how. For its flavors and lights. For its sweetness, still wild.

It’s a state of mind. When it comes to giving meaning while cultivating the pleasure of the senses and the peace of mind by creating this eco-responsible lodge, perfectly integrated into this African environment: 10 suites where nothing is superfluous, but everything is splendid. It’s a choice. To subtly blend luxury and nature: where the essence of raw wood echoes the subtlety of a resolutely contemporary decoration, where local rock stone enhances the modernity of the layout, or even by the natural colors of local artisanal fabrics contrasting with the design of stylish furniture.

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